Biorasi was one of the first CROs in the US to manage biosimilar trials. Trust in our experience to help you navigate this growing field.

Global Biosimilars Experts

Over the next five years, the biosimilar market can expect to see double-digit growth. Biorasi has been managing clinical trials for biosimilars since the very beginning, and are well-entrenched in the biosimilars market.

There are unique challenges and complexities in managing trials for biologics and other large-molecule therapies that sponsors and CROs with decades of experience in small molecules may find themselves running into when dealing with biosimilar trials. Biorasi has been on the leading edge of biosimilar trials since the very beginning. We have run biosimilar studies in Europe since 2006, and also conducted the first biosimilar study in the US under FDA guidelines, and our experience has continued to grow since then.

Biosimilars are predicted to surpass a $41.7 Billion market by 2024. With so much at stake, it pays to put your trust in an industry leader with a history of specialized experience. Trust Biorasi to manage your biosimilar clinical trial from inception to approval.


3 Trends in Biosimilars: A 6-Year Outlook

Over the next five years, the purchase and production of biosimilar drugs can expect to see double-digit growth. As biosimilar drugs become more widely produced, prescribed, used, and accepted, the competitive marketplace will continue to heat up. What are the drivers...

The Promise of Biosimilar Drugs

In 2006, the European Medicines Agency granted its first approval of a biosimilar drug, the human growth hormone, Omnitrope™ (Sandoz), and opened the doors of opportunity for this emerging field of medicine. In 2010, President Obama signed into law the Biosimilars...

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