Delivering Award-Winning Clinical Research Optimized®

Biorasi is a full-service CRO – from program design through final analysis and beyond. Our diverse team includes experts in every step on the clinical development pathway, in the most highly regulated venues in the world. Our market-leading processes enable our team to be the only solution you need for your upcoming clinical trials. We have experience executing Phase I – III trials across a broad range of therapeutic specialties, leveraging a global network of sites, and fully managed through our proprietary TALOS™ platform.

Biorasi also offers a full suite of functional service outsourcing for sponsors who are only looking to contract out limited-scope projects or individual aspects of their trials, such as data collection and management, safety and pharmacovigilance, or a clinical services in a limited geographic venue.

Our TALOS® platform and processes allow us to customize any project to your exact needs, and repeat those customizations in subsequent work for you. That’s the Biorasi difference – your clinical trials, optimized.


Delivery on-time and on-budget requires Biorasi to be a project management company. Every one of our employees from the CEO down is trained extensively on our TALOS® processes that ensure successful delivery of every clinical trial that we run.

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Biorasi’s clinical team are experts at site selection and management, enrollment, monitoring, investigator and coordinator training, audit readiness and support, and everything else that goes into a successful trial.

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As a global CRO, Biorasi works closely with regulatory agencies in around the world. Biorasi’s regulatory staff consults with regulators to discuss study designs, regulatory submissions, and manages IRB and EC requirements.

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Biorasi makes safety a priority in everything we do for our sponsors. Our experienced safety professionals monitor, assess, and report on all safety factors from the minute you begin trial planning to long after the trial is over.

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Led by industry trailblazers with decades of experience, Biorasi’s data science teams pioneer a new approach to data standards implementation that empowers sponsors with the insights they need to assure the integrity of every trial.

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Biorasi Quality Assurance ensures that each of our functional teams as well as our investigational sites, vendors and third party partners meet the highest standard of quality possible. Our exacting standards show in your results.

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Consulting helps your organization map optimal clinical development strategies, plan development budgets and timelines, select appropriate global venues, track regulatory changes, and in general, plan for an uncertain future.

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