Talented clinicians. Quality sites. Qualified patients. Experienced investigators. The Biorasi clinical team is
focused on one goal: to run your clinical trials the way YOU would run them.

Working With You, Not Just For You

Biorasi offers a full range of clinical services performed by well integrated teams of clinical team managers, monitors, physicians, coordinators, and specialists. Because our clinical services management team is office-based, we are able to integrate our clinical team much more tightly around the core needs of your trial, and to adjust this work-group as the needs of the trial change and develop. Biorasi is committed to making sure your trial is optimized to you needs, and runs smoothly, on time, and on budget.

Our clinical experience spans a wide breadth of therapeutic areas and service offerings, and includes:

·         Developing clinical plans, manuals and training materials for investigators

·         Identifying sites and verifying feasibility

·         Site contracting, budget negotiation, IRB/EC plans and submissions

·         Site initiation, interim monitoring, study closure and IRB/EC closure submission

·         Site management, including enrollment support and and supplies tracking and management

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