Data-Driven Clinical Trial Optimization Software

An increasingly connected world can make your clinical trials better or just more complex. TALOS™ is built to take connections and turn them into insight, helping us deliver Clinical Research Optimized™ to every sponsor.

TALOS™ is a set of platforms, processes, and guiding principles that allows Biorasi to deliver Clinical Research Optimized™ in every trial we run. It is a training methodology that ensures a repeatable standard of quality across every trial we run. It’s an approach to process development that builds continuous improvement, consistency, and commitment to excellence. Finally, TALOS™ is an approach to managing challenging projects in a way that is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Biorasi is powered by TALOS™, and TALOS™ is powered by exceptional project management.


TALOS™ integrates with modern clinical trial software to collect sponsor data and relevant information in one place. It’s more than a convenient interface, though. By pulling in and processing data from disparate independent sources, TALOS™ gives our project managers a global view that lets us spot potential issues before they turn into problems. Our proprietary system uses a big data approach to piece together thousands of variables and dynamically optimize sponsors’ trials, giving our project management team insights and options not available to other teams.

TALOS™ also allows our sponsors to monitor the progress of their trial in as granular a detail as necessary, offering unparalleled transparency into our processes and the status of their trial. All of the information that is typically spread across EDCs, CTMS’, spreadsheets, databases, and a host of other platforms, in a single dashboard that gives our sponsors, and us, everything we need to deliver Clinical Research Optimized™.


A world-class trial deserves world-class processes. TALOS™ brings in all of Biorasi’s experience in managing complex clinical trials and distills it down to a set of guidelines, procedures, and methodologies that make for unparalleled predictability and repeatability. Our processes for managing sponsors’ trials were built to follow in the footsteps of Edward Demming, the pioneer of quality process engineering, and adhere to his core tenets. Every step in everything we do is meticulously observed, measured, and improved. The result is our promise to sponsors: every trial we run is delivered on time and on budget. With processes powered by TALOS™, we haven’t broken that promise yet.

As we move forward into a world increasingly dominated by machine learning and big data approaches to problem-solving, TALOS™ is leading the way in the clinical trial management space. We use historical information, proprietary algorithms, and real-time trial data analytics to create an optimal process for every individual trial run through TALOS™, and constantly integrate new learnings into our operations.

Guiding Principles

More than just a platform, TALOS™ is the embodiment of our core philosophy. TALOS™ is our employee-owned company structure, which makes sure that every single person at Biorasi is fully committed to every study we manage. TALOS™ is our focus on office-based teams, ensuring agility and flexibility in our project management structure. TALOS™ is our dedication to project management best practices in every single thing we do, and our goal of improving ourselves and our work every day. TALOS™ is Biorasi, and Biorasi is Clinical Research Optimized™.

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