A data driven world requires data-driven mentality for clinical trials. Not just data management, but an entirely new approach that transforms good data science from a burden to a driver of clinical trial success.

Built on Data Standards; Built for Success

When we built the Biorasi data management platform process, we built it differently than other CROs. Instead of asking: “How do we manage all of this data being generated by a trial?” we started with the question: “How can we make trial data an integral part of guiding trial progress?” We believe that data science should not be a rote process, a commodity offering or an afterthought in trial design and management.

Our approach begins by building out a standard data structure before the trial even starts. Instead of waiting until the end to standardize for submission, take advantage of and build our workflow around the CDISC SDTM and ADaM standards right from the very beginning. Not only does this approach save time in filing later on, but it makes the data immediately useful across a range of functions. We are passionately committed to the CDISC standards, which are poised to become the global accepted standards for data in the same way that GCP standards govern the clinical realm. In this increasingly data-driven world, treating data as an asset rather than a liability and leveraging its power will put our Sponsors at an immediate advantage when compared to their competitors.

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