Consistent, conscientious, and capable project management is the difference between success and failure in clinical trials. That’s the Biorasi difference. That’s Clinical Research Optimized®.

Clinical Trial Success Isn’t Random – It’s Planned

Biorasi’s clinical trials project management team is powered by TALOS™. TALOS™ is an innovative platform and framework that allows our team to properly plan and to create project execution strategies and tactics that are customized for every individual sponsor, but also draw on a shared and constantly improving set of guidelines, processes, and standards. It is through this powerful project management approach that we consistently stay ahead of the inevitable study roadblocks, keeping your study on plan and on budget, while also allowing for slight course corrections along the way that will ensure the optimal outcomes.

Our team is assembled from a diverse pool of project managers with experience in clinical, scientific, business, and regulatory backgrounds. Each sponsor’s team is chosen  specifically to fit the unique needs of the project. Biorasi project managers are office-based, as are most of the project personnel.  Working in office, as a team, results in optimal coordination and communication among the functional teams and with the Sponsor, and vastly improves overall project quality.

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