Patient safety is a consistent requirement across the therapeutic development cycle. Biorasi takes our commitment to safety seriously, with a best-in-class safety and pharmacovigilance team.

Balancing Risk in Challenging Pharmacovigilance Environments

Biorasi’s Safety and Pharmacovigilance group has one goal: presenting our sponsors and relevant regulatory authorities with the best information and analysis regarding the health and safety of the subject patient population. How we reach that goal is what sets us apart. Our safety team employs a unique set of tools integrated into our TALOS™ platform, along with specialized training on those tools. Our technology platforms enable our safety team to identify safety trends and potential health issues as soon as they manifest, and give them the tools they need to respond quickly and efficiently to situations as they develop.

Biorasi’s job is to identify the potential sources of risk and take a proactive approach to you and your patients’ safety needs, from study design issues such as conmeds and inclusion/exclusion, through post-trial monitoring and follow-up. We don’t see Safety and Pharmacovigilance as existing in a vacuum. We believe that safety goals, research goals, and business goals don’t have to be in competition. Rather, they can be in harmony.

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