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  • Expert with patient recruitment in complex trials
  • Pioneer in clinical trial methods
  • Smart data risk-based monitoring
  • Trusted resource for trial rescue

Over the last two decades, Biorasi has worked with some of the leading names and most innovative life sciences startups in pharmaceuticals to improve clinical trial outcomes for sponsor partners, and for patients.

Our growth has happened because of our strong commitment to building true partnerships with our sponsors, as well as our commitment to moving the industry forward through better project management, better processes, better technology, and better people.

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Exceeding CRO Industry Standards

Biorasi provides our global pharmaceutical sponsors with innovative, customized solutions, consistently delivering, highly successful, complex clinical trials, allowing faster trial completion while minimizing their risk of failure.

Biorasi designs and executes trials around the unique needs of each of our sponsors, providing a unique trial management model, unifying teams and their processes with a proven methodology and technology, leveraged on our TALOS™ Ecosystem.

Our mission at Biorasi is to ensure you with highest-quality, optimized clinical trials that accelerates drugs or devices to market while exceeding industry performance standards. Our process and approach is exemplified by our growth with salvaging distressed trials.

Exceeding Industry Standards


Site performance isn’t limited to a database of patients or the time an investigator has been in business. Historical recruiting, communication times, responsiveness, and leveraging business intelligence in our TALOS Ecosystem provide the most realistic model for recruitment.

Protocol Finalized to First Site Selection Visit

5 Days
Industry Standard
14 Days

Site Selection

Logistics for SSVs are pre-planned and first site selection visits (SSV) occur within 48 hours of obtaining the finalized protocol. Biorasi works with sites and partners during feasibility and protocol development to ensure rapid deployment.

Site Selection Visit to Site Initiation Visit
28 Days
Industry Standard
90 Days

Site Initiation

Site terms and contracting are established during the selection process. As the site is selected Biorasi schedules a site initiation visit (SIV) within a month of the SSV, however getting a site operational within three days of the SIV is closer to our norm.

Site initiation Visit to First Subject In
3 Days
Industry Standard
21 Days

Missing key milestones?

Biorasi is recognized as the leading expert delivering successful trial rescues

Bringing trials back on track is a forte of Biorasi, picking up where other CROs falter. Our rescue services provide solutions to help even the most challenging trials meet their goals. Biorasi is recognized as a leading expert in delivering success where other CROs fail.

Biorasi is the “Go To” resource for distressed Trial Rescues.

Navigating Complex Trials for Faster Approvals

Biorasi’s methodology leverages our TALOS Ecosystem, an integrated technology and program management platform designed exclusively for Clinical Research. The efficiency of the TALOS Ecosystem offers greater success
for our sponsors and allows faster trial completion while minimizing risk of failure.

“One of the rarest events, where we had to communicate with Biorasi to stop the screening rather than boost it.”

VP of Global Clinical Development, Top Specialty Pharma

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