A Perfect Match

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Today we can do more on our smartphones than desktop computers could a mere ten years ago. Smartwatches have officially left the idea boards and have become very real devices; albeit with questionable necessity. The once obscure “cloud” is no longer a dreamt about distant storage solution; it is a form of [...]

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Aiming Higher in Dermatology Clinical Trials

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Let’s start with the basics. Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with hair, skin, nails and all its diseases. At a very simplified level, Dermatology treats visible ailments. Patients and doctors can typically see and/or feel when they have a dermatological concern. As a result, the dermatological patient database is quite [...]

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Making Room for Biosimilars

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Co-authored by Stephanie Finnegan, President Divisional Operations and Dominique James, Editorial Analyst On March 6th, 2015 the FDA announced approval of the first Biosimilar drug in the United States. The similarities between follow-on drugs and follow-on biologics make Specialty Pharmaceutical companies dominant among candidates to successfully usher in this new era of [...]

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Life in the Era of Follow On Biologics

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Co-authored by Dr. Boris Reznik, Chairman and CEO of Biorasi and Dominique James, Research and Editorial Analyst The pharmaceutical industry was changed forever in 1982 when the first biologic was introduced to the market. Novel biologics revolutionized the treatment of many life threatening and debilitating diseases. Now, over 30 years later, it is time [...]

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