At Biorasi, we understand the importance of the clinical team in their role as the representative for you, for Biorasi and for the study, in the eyes of the investigators and site staff. Our clinical team understands there is more to study monitoring than just review of the source data; team members must act as trainers, planners, negotiators, detectives, psychologists and salespeople all at the same time.  In doing so, the Biorasi clinical team achieves unconventional results from rapid site startup, through successful completion of enrollment and timely lock of the study database.

What Makes Biorasi’s Clinical team your champions at the site?

Our clinical team doesn’t just monitor. They use best-in-class processes coupled with industry-leading technology to fight for your trial’s success.

Central Monitoring

Our Clinical team is supported at all times by a central control center that coordinates and acts as an additional set of eyes to verify all trial data.

Partnership-driven approach

Biorasi doesn’t just maintain a site database. We build ongoing, long-term relationships with high-performing sites to ensure that they give our sponsors the best.

Data-Driven  Monitoring

TALOS™ allows Biorasi’s monitors to go into site monitoring visits armed with actionable intelligence about risks and areas of interest for each individual site.

active site management

Biorasi takes an active role in managing your clinical trial sites, from managing enrollment marketing to helping investigators overcome obstacles.

Beyond Just Monitoring

Our study monitors are supported by talented and capable clinical team managers, physicians, assistants and specialists, and are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical tools to help them identify potential quality gaps before they become major quality problems.  Our monitoring methodology synergizes the need to complete detailed project tasks with the benefit of viewing the project on a much higher, totality of the data, level. We leverage this methodology across all aspects of the study to bring greater transparency to our sponsors and improve the quality of the data compared to conventional methods.

Our Clinical services include:

  • Site identification and selection
  • Site contracting and budget negotiation
  • Essential documents collection and processing
  • Site initiation, interim monitoring, and study closure visits
  • Risk-based monitoring
  • Overall site management and communication
  • Site training and audit support

"One of the rarest events, where we had to communicate [to Biorasi] to stop the screening rather than boost it."

VP of Global Clinical Development, Top Specialty Pharma

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