Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics requires a new kind of CRO

Digital therapeutics development challenges traditional device processes. It demands CRO experience and adaptability to navigate regulation, design studies, and capture quality data. We share the passion transforming healthcare to meet the challenges of the unmet needs of patients.

Strategies for Successful Digital Therapeutics Clinical Trials

Digital therapeutics are being integrated into every aspect of our healthcare landscape, patients and payers. Providers are seeing an increasingly complex set of software-driven therapy options reaching the market.

The webinar is focused on the clinical trial stage:

  • When is it appropriate to run a clinical trial for digital therapeutics?
  • What are specific challenges of running a digital therapeutics clinical trial?
  • How can sponsors adapt their approach for the highest chance of success?

This rapidly expanding field has enormous potential but faces challenges at every stage, from design to patient perception. Join us at your leisure to learn more about navigating your trials to successful conclusions.

Our subject matter experts are:

Wayne BowdenWayne Bowden
VP Program Development
Jimmy-El-HokayemJimmy El Hokayem, PhD
Head, Neurology and Regenerative Medicine Center of Excellence
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Biorasi is the only forward-thinking CRO that already has the foundation and methodology in place for delivering successful digital therapeutics trials


Regulatory Expertise

Avoid delays and uncertainty by partnering with a CRO that knows how to navigate the novel regulatory environment for DTx and Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), both in the US and around the world


Fully Technology Enabled

Talosᵀᴹ powers our clinical trials and delivers quality data capture and real time analysis. Enabling your SaMD to meet applicable regulatory data requirements, empowering your data collection/analysis in real world environments

Accelerated Recruitment

Unleash the potential of our patient-centric approach with advocacy groups and national registries, and our global site network to quickly access difficult to target patient populations and meet your recruitment goals

Biorasi is a proven pioneering partner in Digital Therapeutics research that can make groundbreaking therapies a reality

Therapeutic Area Mix

Digital therapeutics trials entail a plethora of innovative logistics to efficiently treat, manage or even prevent a wide spectrum of physical, mental and behavioral conditions.

  • Experienced medical and scientific affairs team creating protocol designs and navigating the rapidly changing regulatory landscape

  • Seasoned regulatory staff providing valuable support for software, device and device-drug based therapeutics

  • Patient-centric approach to trial execution that includes training and education

  • State of the art technology enabled clinical research management platform

  • Cutting-edge data sciences team that is a crucial part for navigating trial progress

We’re ready to answer your questions on digital therapeutics

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