Therapy Focus Areas


Expertise doesn’t come easy. It takes focus, drive, and a relentless dedication to constant improvement. We specialize in key therapeutic areas where we know we can be most effective and pursue perfection in those specializations with everything we do. For Biorasi, that means being able to deliver Research Optimized™ solutions effortlessly for every project we take on. For sponsors, that means successful outcomes with better results, at a lower cost, on-time.

Biorasi’s range of experience gives us the capability to run trials across virtually any therapeutic area and indication, however we do have specialized experience and additional capabilities in the following fields:

Rare Diseases

Many rare disease research trials struggle due lack of patient recruitment and disease understanding. Whether you need to add sites internationally, recruit using patient registries, conduct a virtual or hybrid trial, or a combination of these methods, our team knows how to attract and maintain the patients you need for a successful study.

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Biorasi’s project managers and clinicians understand the complexities of neurodegenerative, pain, and psychiatric disorders. Our unique positioning and experience, gives us an unparalleled advantage in neurology trials.

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Biorasi is a leading CRO in nephrology and dialysis-dependent CKD populations. No one understands the nuances of research in the dialysis population better than we do, and no one conducts these studies with our level of professionalism, and attention to the special needs of these patients.

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Many CROs specialize in oncology, however few have the versatility to offer full-service trial management like Biorasi. Find out how our integrative approach to oncology makes a real difference in the success of your next oncology trial.

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Regenerative Medicine Capabilities

Regenerative Medicine

Your regenerative medicine study requires an innovative partner—a CRO that understands the market’s intricacies and has the experience to overcome logistics, regulatory challenges and guide your trial to success.

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Dermatology is a complex field with some very unique challenges. From difficulty in enrolling to compliance in a patient population that is typically much younger than other trials. Biorasi knows how to make your dermatology trial a success.

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Digital Therapeutics Biorasi

Digital Therapeutics

With the advent of novel software based therapeutic interventions, Biorasi is the pioneer to bring to the market creative trial solutions.

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Explore More Areas

Biorasi focuses on additional key therapeutic areas where we know we can be most effective and pursue perfection in those specializations with everything we do.

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