Rare Diseases

We Help You Overcome Rare Disease Research Challenges

Less than 10% of rare diseases have a specific treatment. Most have no cure and manifest at a young age. What makes rare disease research so valuable also makes it frustrating. Clinical trials in this area struggle due lack of patient recruitment, lack of disease understanding and lack of funding.

If your company is researching a treatment or cure for one of the thousands of rare diseases,
partner with a CRO that knows how to overcome its many logistical and regulatory challenges.

We Optimize Patient Recruitment for Rare Disease Research

Do you worry whether you’ll find enough patients for your clinical trial? Biorasi has relationships with sites worldwide. Whether you need to add sites internationally, recruit using patient registries, conduct a virtual or hybrid trial, or a combination of these methods, our team knows how to recruit the patients you need for a successful study. And once we recruit patients, our study navigators will ensure your patients stay enrolled for the duration.

Small Populations with Common Needs

Rare diseases collectively affect about 400 million people globally. With support from regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have narrowed their focus to target these specialized populations.

Review our checklist

We prepared a Rare Disease Checklist to help you understand the challenges and opportunities running these unique trials.

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